Frank Eder, President of Newport Coast Capital Management, LLC, will speak about the challenges and opportunities for investing in today’s real estate market at the upcoming Opal’s Real Estate Investors Summit on April 28-29, 2009. He will address a forum of hundreds of institutional investors, developers, fund managers, lending institutions, and international investment groups during the summit in several sessions entitled Broken Deals…Best Strategies and Best Deals…Where the Smart Money is Headed. In addition, he will serve as an expert panelist for the session entitled, Buying Distressed REO & Assets.

These topics seem to be ‘top of mind’ as investors and lenders dig through the pile of rubble representing once promising investments and attempt to understand what skeletons lurk in their portfolios, and also wonder ‘what’s next’ as far as future investments are concerned.

“Billions of dollars are poised, ready to invest, but investors have not pulled the trigger partially due to legacy issues with prior investments that have shifted their focus from new investments to hands on asset management in order to salvage or mitigate damages with existing assets,” commented Eder. Lucrative investments exist in the REO single family home space where pools of homes can be purchased at heavy discount to today’s value and remarketed for sale or rented at significant returns. “The story is quite complex for these large pools of notes and REO portfolios since they are difficult to underwrite and screen. Many institutions are finding they simply lack the skills and resources required for this endeavor,” Eder commented and continued.

“An abundance of opportunities exists to purchase performing and non-performing notes for large single assets. Risk assessment is ever more challenging when asset values cannot be pinpointed based on an ever widening spread between what buyers are willing to pay and what sellers want. Everyone is being forced to rethink their investment strategies because many that worked in the past simply won’t work in today’s environment,” he stated.

“The smart money is using this opportunity to realign their organizations in anticipation of what lies ahead. They are staffing up and hiring up from a pool of top producers that would normally never be in the market in order to build a world-class acquisition and asset management team to take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity to purchase assets at pennies on the dollar”, he concluded.

Mr. Eder’s broad range of real estate investment, development and management experience provides unique perspective and expertise to institutional investors, hedge funds, investment groups, lending institutions and real estate focused law firms. He can be reached directly for consulting and public speaking engagements at 888-824-1528 or by email at