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Newport Coast Capital Management, LLC and its management team (NCCM) have a twelve year history as manager and general partner for numerous real estate investments and developments across several asset classes in various parts of the country. With the tremendous challenges facing real estate lending institutions and investors today, NCCM has the experience to help lending institutions and investment groups scale their loss mitigation efforts by helping them assess, stabilize, and exit these investments to maximize gain or minimize losses, as the case may be.

NCCM has experience in the following asset classes: multi-family, apartment to condo conversion, condo, condo-hotel, hotel, single family homes, office, retail, industrial, land development, lot sale development, and golf course development. Since 1997, NCCM has acted as the manager for the entire investment process from identification of investment opportunities to exit. This includes the management of investment underwriting, capitalization, transaction management, entitlements, property management, project management, construction purchasing, vertical construction, horizontal construction (including mass grading, roads, utilities, flood control), common area improvements, tenant improvements, legal, marketing, sales, and leasing teams.

As an example, NCCM partnered with ING in a high profile project in the Palm Springs, California market. NCCM sourced this distressed premium raw land, guided all development aspects from entitlements to infrastructure construction, including golf course construction, and managed all aspects of market research, marketing and sales. NCCM's management team possess the real estate, design, engineering, marketing, and business acumen to properly assess projects, develop a sound business plan, and execute on that plan. In this case, performance to ING was a 65% realized IRR. Due to its success as the manager of investment projects like this, NCCM has advised clients and partnered with several institutional and private investment groups on various asset classes over the years. With its in-depth, hands-on experience and proven management team, NCCM has gained
the trust of these groups to provide valuable and timely information critical to the assessment of their investments, as well as operational expertise to increase profits or mitigate losses.

Click here for actual case studies, or visit NCCM's marketing affiliate B&A Consulting, Inc.

To learn more about how NCCM may be able to help solve your firm's real estate investment challenges and opportunities, please review the list of NCCM Advisory Services below, and contact NCCM's President Frank Eder at 888-824-1528 or email at

The following is a list of services that NCCM can perform directly and manage through strategic partners:

A. General Real Estate

  1. Appraisal and Broker Price Opinion (BPO) review
  2. Title review
  3. Market and Absorption Study: PRIMARY RESEARCH
  4. Market and Absorption Study: SECONDARY RESEARCH REPORTS
  5. Sales/Leasing Strategy
  6. Hiring and Management of sales/leasing staff
  7. Phase I and II Environmental /hazardous waste study assessment
  8. Property Inspection Report/Assessment
  9. Repair and Maintenance Budget Verification/Preparation=
  10. Capital Improvement Budget Verification/Preparation
  11. Legal Review
  12. Financial Modeling & Return on Investment Analysis
  13. Loss Mitigation Assessment
  14. Loss Mitigation Stabilization Plan
  15. Sourcing of potential buyers
  16. Sourcing of potential joint venture investors
  17. Joint venture structuring to recapitalize assets

B. Development Projects (including early stage, partially completed,
and completed projects)

  1. Zoning and Use assessment
  2. Conditions of Approval Assessment
  3. Soils Study Assessment
  4. Environmental issues Assessment
  5. Horizontal Construction Budget Verification/Preparation
  6. Offsite Construction Budget Verification/Preparation
  7. Vertical Construction Budget
  8. Verification/Preparation
  9. Common Area Budget Verification/Preparation
  10. Project Amenities Assessment & Budget Verification/Preparation
  11. Acquisition & Development & Construction Loan Assessment/Strategy
  12. City Entitlements Assessment
  13. Process City Entitlements (including building consensus among the community to gain support for project)
  14. Engineering Assessment (civil, structural, mechanical, hydrology, Title 24 energy)
  15. Value engineering to reduce costs
  16. Utility Agency Review
  17. Flood Control Assessment
  18. Other Agency issue assessment
  19. Department of Real Estate (DRE) Entitlement Assessment and
  20. Processing
  21. Review existing association docs and prepare new ones if necessary
  22. Review Architectural & recommendations to improve and lower costs
  23. Construction Defect Audit