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About The Company

Newport Coast Capital Management (NCCM) is an investment management company forged by a group of experienced real estate professionals to acquire, entitle, redevelop and reposition real estate assets for sale at a profit. The firm currently invests in target markets around the country including Chicago, Southern California, Northern California, Florida, and Boston.

NCCM’s catalyst and founder, Frank Eder, is a true visionary and fanatic for the ongoing creation of highly differentiated developments – a characteristic that is undoubtedly responsible for NCCM’s frequent triple-digit returns. Investors with NCCM participate in individual investments from 5%-100% of required investor capital. The balance of capital is raised through limited partners, builder partners or co-investors.

NCCM believes that quality is a subtle yet vital component of success, and attention to detail is what makes the difference between a good investment and a great one. Realizing what buyers want in a given market and cultivating properties that are visually and architecturally stimulating, enhances the value of our holding and provides us with the stellar track record that continues to shatter relative price-per-square-foot records.

NCCM’s success relies on sound decision making, in-depth research and local experience – attributes for which NCCM’s name is synonymous. Having assembled a core group of seasoned real estate professionals, analysts and investors, NCCM sits poised to continue delivering exceptional quality, unrivaled value and consequently--exceptional returns.

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